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Lindrick Eco Build

Lindrick Eco Build work with you to help achieve your dream home. Working with your plans we enable your vision to become a reality. Offering fixed cost quotations within the constraints of your budget and delivering to your project time frame.


Lindrick Building

Is a family run business and have been trading successfully for over 15 years and pride ourselves on our range of skills and services that we offer within the building & construction industry.


Lindrick Electrical

Worksop Electricians, Lindrick Electrical Services provide electrical installations and lighting solutions / design to the domestic housing market and small commercial sector to a wide and varied client base in the Worksop, South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire areas. 


Direct Factory Kitchens

Based in Worksop, Direct Factory Kitchens design & install a breathtaking range of kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms throughout Worksop, Sheffield and Doncaster. Your dreams are our passion... Enquire today.


Lindrick Engineering

From Concept through to Installation. Lindrick Site Installations has steadily grown and expanded to provide a high quality and professional service, allowing us to carry out Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning for a wide range of long-serving clients.

Contact Lindrick Construction